Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goldenbells 2011 Sponsors: Thank You.

  • Eli's Restaurant on Whitney- $175, 2-Gift Certicates $50, 2-Party Baskets $
  • Mike Holt- $200
  • Mt Carmel Veterinary Hospital- $150
  • Wholesale Frame- 2 Frames $135
  • TJB Landscape Contractors- $75
  • Frame Shop and Westville Gallery -$50
  • Best Video -$50
  • Cleveland J. Rice -$50
  • Paier Center of Art in Memory of Adele K. Paier -$50
  • Surreybrook Preschool and Childhood Development Center- $50
  • Emily Bett -Original Watercolor Painting "North Bay"
  • Joiya Day Spa Gift Certificate $50
  • Framer's Edge Gift Certificate $25
  • Anonymous Donor- Art Book
Thank you.

and also thank you to ...

Thanks to all the members who contributed their time and talent to making this a great show, to the Chairs of the Program committee, the members who donated to the raffle, created the program and award certificates, donated time and food to the hospitality tables, and in general shared their art and enthusiasm with their fellow artists.

I wish to personally thank and give credit to Ruth Morrill who made my job easier by photographing the exhibition and providing the images to both the website and HAL blog.

Last but not least, a special thanks to our juror of awards Jerry Weiss, a painter and professor of art at Lyme Art Academy of Fine Art.

If anyone wishes to purchase a painting, please call: 203-776-9300.

HAL encourages other artists in the community to join our group.

Best in Show Mike Holt Award $200

#97 Eggshells with Bottle
Sue Nally
Judges Comment:
Finely composed, delicately colored and well painted.

Hamden Art League Award $175

#40 The Magnificent One
Johanne Mangi
Judge's Comment:
Beautifully and exuberantly painted.

Eli's Restaurant Award $150

#50 Girl in Black
Elena Gerard
Judge's Comment:
Solid, truthful life study

Mt. Carmel Veterinary Hospital Award $150

#18 Rocks and Spray
Matty Dagradi
Judge's Comment:
Strong and expressive marine subject.

TJB Landscape Award $75

#13 Senge Kontacket Moonlight
Paul Beebe
Judge's Comment:
Subtle atmospheric oil.

Frame Shop and Westville Gallery Award $50

#2 Jodi #7: Attitude
Diane Chandler
Judge's Comment:
Good portrait, well handled artificial light

Patron Award $50

#15 View from Chaffinch Island
Sharon Morgio
Judge's Comment:
Nice handling of natural forms in watercolor.

Best Video Award $50

#7 Still Life Night
John Alvaro
Judge's Comment:
Well rendered still life.

Paier Center of Art Award in Memory of Adele K. Paier $50

#21 Kevin
George Manning
Judge's Comment:
Sensitive figure study

Cleveland J. Rice Award $50

#90 The Match
Sandra Grove
Judge's Comment:
Lively pastel, figure well integrated with landscape

Surreybrook Daycare and Childhood Development Award $50

#5 R.M.S. Titanic and Astor Stock
Phil Chagnon
Judge's Comment:
Fine watercolor rendering

Honorable Mention

#4 Gold Plate with Cup and Saucer
Thomas Casso

Honorable Mention

#12 Cherry Blossoms Wooster Square
Pamela Mancini

Honorable Mention

#47 Mary M
Ellie Bender

Honorable Mention

#68 Beyond
Joan Hammeal

Honorable Mention

#85 Multi Flora
Lee LaForte