Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank You

Once again, congratulations to the award winners of the show and thanks to all the members who entered their works.

Thanks to all the members who contributed their time and talent to making this a great show, to the Chairs of the Program committee, the members who donated to the raffle, created the program and award certificates, donated time and food to the hospitality tables, and in general shared their art and enthusiasm with their fellow artists.

I wish to personally thank and give credit to Sharon Rowley Morgio and Ruth Morrill who made my job easier by photographing the exhibition and providing the images to both the website and HAL blog.

Last but not least, a special thanks to our juror of awards John Falato, a painter and professor of art at Paier College of Art in Hamden.

If anyone wishes to purchase a painting, please call: 203-776-9300.

HAL encourages other artists in the community to join our group.

Silverbells 2010 Sponsors

  • TJB Landscape Contractors
  • Mt Carmel Veterinary Hospital
  • Jackson Lewis LLP -- Tanya A Bovee
  • Passport Health
  • Best Video
  • Amity Garden Center
  • Country Corner Restaurant
  • Eli's on Whitney
Thank you.

Siberean Express -Phil Chagnon

Best in Show     
Siberian Express by Philip Chagnon
Judge's Comment: 
"Great handling of watercolor medium.  Conveys feeling of frigid atmosphere, steam, power beautifully."

Museum Visit -Sue Nally

Hamden Art League Award     
Museum Visit by Sue Nally
Judge's Comment:
"Great presence of light and of place – the museum chamber - terrific technique"

Field from Afar -Alice Jackson

Eli's on Whitney Award
Field from Afar by Alice Jackson
Judge's Comment:             
"Small painting with large, large overview – grand in scope using great economy"

Dance -Mary Lou Horan

Passport Health Award   
Dance  by  Mary Lou Horan
Judge's Comment:
"Very expressive.  Flowers move and appear to be alive"

Sofie -Elizabeth H Scott

TJB Landscape Award  
 Sofie by Elizabeth H. Scott
Judge's Comment:
"Beautiful, delicate, precise handling.  Perfect for the subject."

State Flower of Kansas -Shirley Fracasso

Mount Carmel Veterinary Hospital Award
State Flower of Kansas by Shirley Fracasso
Judge's Comment:
"Skillful portrait up close of this flower – makes it special and allows us to see it very differently."

"Lady" rescued Susan Seseske Wolanic

Tanya Bovee Award         
 "Lady" Rescued by Susan Seseske Wolanic
Judge's Comment:
"Strong, straightforward rendition.  Blacks and neutral colors express emotion around this dog."

Pottery Art -Vinita Manjunath

Country Corner Restaurant Award
Pottery Art by Vinita Manjunath
Judge's Comment:
"Clean, crisp still-life of these forms."

Ethereal Sea -Joy Haines

Amity Garden Center Award

Ethereal Sea by  Joy Haines 
Judges Comment: 
"Fun to look at the rich, decorative patterns here."

Evening Light -Paul Beebe

Evening Light by Paul BeeBe

The Red Coat -Emily Bett

The Red Coat by Emily Bett

Coming Spring -Mary Grant

Coming Spring by Mary Grant

Mill River by Sleeping Giant -Annette Bailey

Mill River by Sleeping Giant by Annette Bailey

Jodie -George Manning

Jodie by George Manning