Friday, October 23, 2009

Can anyone identify this painting?

Needed information:
  • Name of the artist
  • Title of the painting
  • Date of the painting
  • Dimensions
  • Present location

Here's the Story:
A fellow artist began painting this image in his youth, however, he never completed it. He worked from an original image that hung in his parents' home.

The original painting is long gone. His partially completed image was stored away for decades and was rediscovered after our youthful artist grew up and rediscovered painting in retirement.

The artist began working from memory but as luck would have it his painting instructor recognized the image at a tag sale and purchased it for him.

However, despite inquires he has not been able to identify the painting or anything about it.
Can any one help?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Under Construction

In the coming months HAL hopes to develop this blog into a unique site where paintings recognized as having artist merit in our SilverBells/GoldenBells Exhibitions can be posted.
  • Members can post their comments about these paintings. 
  • Judge's can share their observations concerning their selection process.
  • Artists can get to know the techniques used to create the work.
  • It is hoped that this blog can develop into a forum to encourage the artistic process and provide additional camaraderie for HAL members.
If the experiment works well, I hope to expand the project and would encourage all HAL members to submit "new works" so that fellow members can see what's being created in our group. The blog could also be used to solicit suggestions or solutions for those all too frequent problem areas in our paintings.