Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silver Bells Exhibition: Acknowledgements

Congratulations to the award winners of the show and thanks to all the members who entered their works.  It is a privilege to work with and get to know such talented artists.

Thanks to all the members who contributed their time and talent to making this a great show, to the Chairs of the Program committee, the members who donated to the raffle, created the program and award certificates, donated time and food to the hospitality tables, and in general shared their art and enthusiasm with their fellow artists.

I wish to personally thank and give credit to Emily Bett and Ruth Morrill who made my job easier by photographing the exhibition and provided the images to both the website and HAL blog.

Last but not least, a special thanks to our judge, artist Richard Carleton.

If anyone wishes to purchase a painting, please call: 203-776-9300.

HAL encourages other artists in the community to join our group.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Departure by Sharon Rowley Morgio

Best in Show Bill Thompson Award:
water media
Artist: Sharon Rowley Morgio

Judge's Comment:
"These crows rising up through the marsh has great use of tone, color and moody."

Mighty Wave by Matty Dagradi

New Alliance Bank Award:
"Mighty Wave"
oil pastel
Artist" Matty Dagradi

Judge's Comment:
"In this seascape all the elements hang together"

Sunny Day by Shirley Fracasso

Hamden Art League Award:
"Sunny Day"
Artist: Shirley Fracasso

Judge's Comment:
"Strong color control with a nice treatment of flat decorative space"

Carnubia by Marie A. Gambert

TJB Landscape Award:
Artist: Marie A. Gambert

Judge's Comment:
“This house by the water has a great feel for brushwork and contrast”                          

Light in the Woods by Alice Jackson

"Framed" Custom Framing Award:
"Light in the Woods"
Artist: Alice Jackson

Judge's Comment:
“The sun through the trees hangs together with strong painterly marks”

Riding the Wave by Paul Beebe

Grandpa's Attic Productions Award:
"Riding the Wave"
Artist: Paul Beebe

Judge's Comment:
“This boat is stylistic but well done”

Lockwood Farm, Hamden by Stephanie Arrell

Susan Seskeske Wolanic Award:
"Lockwood Farm, Hamden"
oil on canvas
Artist: Stephanie Arrell

Judge's Comment:
“This barn was done by someone who loves to handle paint”

Immigrant Man by Celeste M. DiNello

Books and Company Award:
"Immigrant Man"
Artist: Celeste M. DiNello

Judge's Comment:
“Simple straight forward statement”

House at Sachem's Head II by Vera Nargi

Honorable Mention:
"House at Sachem's Head II"
mixed media
Artist: Vera Nargi

Judge's Comment:
“This house in shadow has a nice use of texture and color”

The Baptistry at Pisa by Harry M. Shanley Jr.

Honorable Mention:
"The Baptistry  at Pisa"
mixed media
Artist: Harry M. Shanley, Jr.

Judge's Comment:
“The painting has great graphic structure to it”

Amber and Beau by Marilyn Larson

Honorable Mention:
"Amber and Beau", watercolor
Artist: Marilyn Larson

Judge's Comment: 
“They’re sentimental cats but great choice of placement and tone”