Friday, April 16, 2010

Thank you.

Once again, congratulations to the award winners of the show and thanks to all the members who entered their works.  It is a privilege to work with and get to know such talented artists.

Thanks to all the members who contributed their time and talent to making this a great show, to the Chairs of the Program committee, the members who donated to the raffle, created the program and award certificates, donated time and food to the hospitality tables, and in general shared their art and enthusiasm with their fellow artists.

A special thanks to all of our sponsors who donated money and gifts for the awards and raffle to make this Goldenbells Exhibition a success.

I wish to personally thank and give credit to Emily Bett and Ruth Morrill who again made my job easier by photographing the exhibition and provided the images to both the website and HAL blog.

Last but not least, a special thanks to our judge, artist Nicholas Halko.

If anyone wishes to purchase a painting, please call: 203-776-9300.

HAL encourages other artists in the community to join our group.

Easy Day by Robert Greiner

Best in Show
"Easy Day"
Artist: Robert Greiner

Judge's Comment
"Color, light and pictorial sense."

Alice Wentworth Departing Vineyard Haven by Paul Beebe

Mike Holt Award
"Alice Wentworth Departing Vineyard Haven"
Artist: Paul Beebe

 Judge's Comment
"Well executed. The light on the sails and rigging got me. I wish there was a touch more foreground.

Autumn Blaze by Stephanie Arrell

Eli's on Whitney Award
"Autumn Blaze"
Artist: Stephanie Arrell

Judge's Comment
"I like when someone isn't afraid to put the paint down."

New Haven Places by Mary Lou Horan

Passport Health Award
"New Haven Places"
Artist: Mary Lou Horan

Judge's Comment
 "I love good sketches."

The Lonely Sea and Sky by Ruth Morrill

TJB Landscape Award
"The Lonely Sea and Sky"
Artist: Ruth Morrill

Judge's Comment
"I like the mid-ground and waves most."

Peonies by Veronica Cassell-Vaz

Mt Carmel Veterinary Hospital Award
Artist: Veronica Cassell-Vaz

Judge's Comment
"Just a nice fresh watercolor still life."

Jodie by George Manning

Adele K. Paier Award
Artist: George Manning

Judge's Comment
"Well executed watercolor figure study."

At the Beach by Christine Diehl

Barbara A Smith Award
"At the Beach"
Artist: Christine Diehl

Judge's Comment
"Simple and solid with a view back to Homer."

All Ears by Elizabeth Hundt Scott

Best Video Award
"All Ears"
Artist: Elizabeth H. Scott

Judge's Comment
"I just like corn."

Volcanic 1856 by George E. MacDiarmid

Bread and Chocolate Award
"Volcanic 1856"
Artist: George E. MacDiarmid

Judge's Comment
"I appreciate the patience and technique."

Rose and Friends in the Enchanted Garden by Carol Lauttenbach

Carol Murphy Realtor Award
"Rose and Friends in the Enchanted Garden
Artist: Carol Lauttenbach

Judge's Comment

Balino by Nanette Fresher

Centerville Lumber Award
Artist: Nanette Fresher

Judge's Comment
"I like the touches in the horizon but please tone down the name.

Blue Glass- Clear Glass by Pauli Zambarano

Dr. James D. Condon Award
"Blue Glass-Clear Glass"
Artist: Pauli Zambarrano

Judge's Comment
"I just like it. Probably the composition and design of it.

Saturday's Child by Richard T. Smith

E. H. Scott Art and Design Award
"Saturday's Child"
Artist: Richard T. Smith

Judge's Comment
Well done except for the figure which wasn't executed as well as the rest."

Zinn's Zinnias by Shirley R. Fracasso

Framer's Edge Award
"Zinn's Zinnias"
Artist: Shirley R. Fracasso

Judge's Comment
"Good technique but a little loss of color unless it was a very gray day."

Christmas Cove Maine by Elizabeth M. Baptie

Grampa's Attic Productions Award
"Christmas Cove Maine"
Artist: Elizabeth M. Baptie

Judge's Comment
"I'm a sucker for freshness and a good sketch"

The Tree by Rose Bernabucci

New England Payroll Award
"The Tree"
Artist: Rose Bernabucci

Judge's Comment
"I like the perspective and execution."

Dusty Miller and Friends by Edward Kaechele

Patron Award
"Dusty Miller and Friends"
Artist: Edward Kaechele

Judge's Comment:
"I like the colors."

Caitlin by Ellie Bender

Scolfield and Vose Award
Artist: Ellie Bender

Judge's Comment
"Nice execution."

"La Nina" by Johanne Mangi

Tanya A. Bovee Award
"La Nina"
Artist: Johanne Mangi

Judge's Comment
"I like the way you handled the reflective light."